A Detailed Overview Of Fast Secrets In Bedding Sets

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And when you watch this film, it isn't that hard a case to solve considering that the person who is responsible for the heinous crime is pretty easy to spot. And by that I mean VERY early into the movie. However, that is probably Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie's greatest strength. Robert Altman once called his film Gosford Park not a whodunit, but (to paraphrase) a "who the hell cares who did it." The same could be said of this film. It walks like a detective film, it talks like a detective film, but all of the nuance and actual mystery are nowhere to be found. We see Garlin as the detective doing detective things, he's being forced into retirement, he's got a surly partner, etc. These things simply seem like to devices to make Handsome seem like a busy detective. Even the title of Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is misleading. It is almost as if Garlin wanted to so totally break apart the detective genre that he made it unrecognizable. As a result, we get a film that feels fresh and original.

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