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It contains both the phrases a great middle finger in Cartier diamonds and buried inside a Ferrari and wearing a negligee, only a small part of what makes it a masterpiece in my book. Thessaly La Force Editor in Chief of Garage Magazine Fashion can be such a contemporary industry that it can be difficult to remember how it started. There are so many women I want to recommend, but I hope you will start by reading Robin Givhan's The Battle of Versailles . Givhan is a Pulitzer Prizewinning fashion critic for the Washington Post, and I've long been reading her work. I spotted her in Paris this last week, calmly sitting in her seat, waiting for the show to start. Her book is about a runway showdown between the French and the Americans (Givenchy versus Halston; Cardin versus de la Renta) that resulted in giving the Americans the momentum they needed to be a more legitimate presence in the fashion world. She also spends time explaining the career of Stephen Burrows, one of America's best African-American fashion designers. He's not very well-remembered now (though Michelle Obama once wore one of his pantsuits she is just too amazing), and mango ราคาถูก Givhan's book is worth reading just to know about him.

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A Danish driver can expect to take home an average of 2,200 euros (1,900) a month in salary. EU rules state that a driver posted temporarily away from home should be ''guaranteed'' the host nation's ''minimum rates of pay'' and conditions. But companies can exploit loopholes in the law. Image caption Emilian's colleague Christian prepares dinner in the back of the truck Emilian is employed by a Slovakian subsidiary of Norwegian trucking company Bring, and is being paid as if his place of work is Slovakia - even though he never works there. He shows us where he sleeps - a sleeping bag in the back of his cab. According to EU law, drivers must take 45 hours weekly rest away from their cabs, but governments have been slow to enforce it. He says he cannot afford to sleep anywhere else - he receives around 45 euros (40) a day in expenses, which is meant to cover all hotel bills and meals. Find out more Zoe Conway was reporting for the BBC's Today and Victoria Derbyshire programmes. During the working week, Emilian cooks and eats at the roadside.

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